Sample Reference: MapIt! - Rastermaps in Web Applications

MapIt! is a simple web application to visualize raster maps and emphasize selected objects of interest on these maps.

MapIt! has been developed under a contract of Logiball. It is mainly used where a small, handy Free Software web mapping component is required that allows to display points of interest. Typical applications are interactive city maps integrated in a web portal.

MapIt! was developed in the programming language Python and runs on various operating systems, GNU/Linux and Windows among them.

Intevation has takken over the complete developement including desgin and maintenance of web pages, mailing lists etc. The project started in September 2000 and exactly one year later with the release of version 1.0.1 all goals were reached. Actually, the main development was completed already in autumn 2000. In an ongoing process, MapIt! was tested with various applications and polished accordingly.