Sample Reference: Hoko

Hoko is a server suite for Mobile Location-based Services and data processing: The server can pull data from network provider's positioning systems, store positions in a database and perform spatial analysis on the data.

Hoko has been developed by Intevation within five months under a contract with Newt Games, Paris, a start-up supported by InventMobile (Orange/Wanadoo).

The Hoko server builds the backbone for location based online community games, where players are acting in a virtual area being a 1:1 copy of the real world with additional objects/features. A first installation is running for Tokio.

But the applicability is not limited to online games. Hoko provides more general features:

  • Implemented in Python with C++ API
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS based data structures for various objects (people, artifacts, shapes, positions) and street data.
  • Pull location data from network providers
  • Object position and attribute (query and editing) based on coordinates and street numbers
  • Distance between objects
  • Line of sight between objects Routing between objects on street network.